COVID 19 has been a huge headache for me and my family.  I'm a hairstylist for a living and this epidemic has made a major impact on us financially.  I know so many other families are experiencing deaths within this health crisis and my heart goes out to them.  I emailed Brittney because I wanted to tell my story and possibly help someone else that's in my position.

On April 2nd, I looked at my husband and told him this health crisis should pass fairly quickly, but by April 10th we accepted things were heading for the worst.  Bills were knocking at our door and although we could afford the current month's expenses, we didn't have enough for the next month without working.  Stress was extremely high and I was gradually panicking.

Every day we watched the news, overindulging into every update concerning COVID 19.  Suddenly fear begins to settle in.  We consistently asked ourselves, when are we going back to work, how will we pay bills, and when will this stop?  We were living in an apartment filled with packed boxes for the past month.  Our previous plans before COVID 19 were to move into a gorgeous new place.  Once the Mayor of Houston informed us of the city locked down, we decided to cancel all plans.  Could you imagine how living out of boxes for a month could increase our stress level?

A friend of mine told me about an apartment locator called Great Houston Apartments and how they saved her two months' rent.  She informed us of their relationship with so many apartment communities throughout Houston.  Due to their relationships, she stated they could receive deals that other locators possibly couldn't.  


We were not optimistic​ about signing a new lease, but our desperate circumstances left us with little options.  Our previous apartment was $1,500 a month and Great Houston Apartments found us a beautiful stay at the same price with more amenities.  The best thing about it all, we saved 2 months of rent on the new lease.  Great Houston Apartments helped us receive an awesome deal, where we did not have to pay for the 1st and 2nd months rent.  Instantly we were able to keep $3,000 in our pocket.  During this time $3,000 is so important.  I'm so grateful for this group and hopefully, I'm able to help someone else in their time of crisis with COVID 19.