I'm simply another customer who decided to rate the top 3 Apartment Locators, based on my personal experiences, along with family and friends.  I'm so big on customer service and follow up.  Hopefully, the following information helps you with your next moving experience.

Great Houston Apartments


I recently leased a beautiful apartment in the Heights because Great Houston Apartments found the perfect deal for me.  Nolan was my agent and he helped me find a number of attractive communities.   After finding three great deals, he narrowed down which space works best for me.  If you have the opportunity to work with this group, Nolan is my first choice.  I hated the moving process because it's so overwhelming, but Nolan made my new experience much easier at no cost.  Great ob!

Apartment Living



I have not experienced the following company's service, but a good friend of mine stated they helped her and she was satisfied with their services.  She greatly appreciated their timely response.   Hopefully, this helps.


Realtor & Apartment Locator


This company was another referral.  I was told they had decent customer service and response time.  I think can all appreciate that when looking for a place to live.