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#2 Midtown

Updated: Apr 30

I love the Midtown area, because you're in the middle of Houston's best entertainment and nightlife. I believe it's hard to find great leasing deals in Midtown area, but I've provided my top 3 preferred apartment locators in Houston. I'm sure that helps.

Midtown is a central neighborhood of Houston located west-southwest of Downtown. Separated from Downtown by an elevated section of Interstate 45, Midtown is characterized by a continuation of Downtown's square grid street plan, anchored by Main Street and the metro rail red line. Midtown is bordered by near town (Montrose) to the west, the Museum District to the south, and Interstate 69 to the east. Midtown's 325 blocks cover 1.24 square miles (3.2 km2) and contained an estimated population of nearly 8,600 in 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org